COF Eurochampionships

List of Winners Cup and Eurochampionships Finals

List of Eurochampionships Editions

  • 1st Edition - April, 2012
  • 2nd Edition - September, 2012
  • 3rd Edition - November, 2012
  • 4th Edition - July, 2014
  • 5th Edition - July, 2015
  • 6th Edition - December, 2015
  • 7th Edtion - July 2016
  • 8th Edition - July 2017


The COF Eurochampionships is a 32 team replica tournament of Europe's most elite football competition. Founded in April 2012 as an experimental way of testing football simulations on FIFA, the tournament has undergone numerous changes in its history. 

Latest activity

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Logo Jul16

COF Eurochampionships logo for the July 2016 (7th) Edition